Incense Resins and Smudge

Incense, Resins and Smudge Sticks. Enjoy these exotic and luxurious aromas,  with our organic, handmade incense and resin collection.
The Perfect Ambience for creating a relaxing and peaceful space ready to transpose you to a far away place.

Incense is resin in it’s most pure and natural form.
Resins are obtained from the sap, bark roots or wood of trees, shrubs and plants. These resins are then coloured and imbued with essential oils.
It is then mixed with other aromatics and dried flower petals to create a blend that smokes and diffuses when heated.

Smudge – Smudging involves the burning of sacred herbs such as white sage or resins.
it is a ceremonial practiced by some Indigenous people of America, used in spiritual cleansing and blessings.


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