Chakra, Sacred, Powerful, faceted gemstones for your Chakras, the 7 main energy centers of the body.
These Energy centers have a profound effect on all levels of our being.

To help maintain, restore balance and align the Seven Chakras, wearing some form of Chakra jewellery can help facilitate this process.  The energy centers can become depleted because of environmental changes and excessive demands placed on our lifestyles.

Chakra jewellery can help regulate and stimulate the body’s own healing process, in so enhancing and allowing you to feel emotionally & spiritually balanced.

1. Root 

Location:  Base of Spine
Meaning:  “Fight or Flight” centre. Stability, Grounding.
Stone:       Red Garnet

2. Sacral 

Location: above pubic bone
Meaning: Sexuality, pleasure, creativity
Stone:      Orange Carnelian.

3. Solar Plexus

Location:   just above Diaphragm
Meaning:  Self esteem, confidence
Stone:       Yellow Citrine.

4. Heart 

Location: the heart centre
Meaning: Love, Compassion
Stone:      Green Peridot.

5. Throat 

Location: Base of throat
Meaning: Communication
Stone:       Blue Topaz, Turquoise

6. Third Eye

Location: centre of forehead
Meaning: Intuition, imagination
Stone:      Amethyst

7. Crown 

Location: top of head
Meaning: Awareness, Intelligence
Stone:      Clear Quartz


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