Citrine Point Chips (Brazil)


Citrine Point Chips (Brazil)


Citrine Point Chips

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Citrine Point Chips 200 gram bag (Brazil)

Crystals work energetically at a subtle level. Some people will feel the energy immediately while others won’t notice a difference at all, however it doesn’t mean it isn’t working. Crystals vibrate at a higher frequency, thus staying active within your energy body. This is turn will encourage your vibration to rise, thus assisting you naturally.

*Please note these crystals are for spiritual support and is not intended to be used as replacement of medical treatment.
This is NOT a supplement to medical treatment, nor a diagnosis or preventative to any illness or injury.

**Pictures are all close-ups so you can see the detail of the product, please take note of the size in the description.
Some items may be wet for the photographic shoot, this is in order to showcase their maximum potential. Colours and textures may vary due to their inherent uniqueness, being one of a kind as mother nature intended, just like you and me.
If you would like to know exactly what your stones will look like, send me a message of exactly what you would like to see,(nb: I can only do this prior to goods being despatched) and I will send you a photo.

Order processing is 2-5 business days, due to the volume of orders. We will however endeavour to ship to you a.s.a.p)

***All props are NOT included with this item unless otherwise stated.

All crystals are cleansed with Palo Santo and given Reiki energy before making its way to you.
Love and Light

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