New Order of the Ages Pendant


New Order of the Ages Pendant


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It is believed that the secrets of the Knights Templar live on in occult societies that
consider The Eye of Providence a symbol of illumination. Seclorum Novus Ordo is taken
from a poem by Virgil, longing for peace and happiness. Its wearer may be guided
to an Enlightened and Happy Future.

Inspired by designs of the Middle Ages medieval times, the Knights Templar amulets
reflect the highest principals of that period—- Bravery and Chivalry.
The Red Cross, Knights Shields, and Knights on Horseback feature prominently in this collection.
Made of high quality nickel-free and lead-free pewter and decorated with a touch of enamel.
Each pendant comes with a necklace.

Made from lead free pewter and plated in Silver and/or Gold

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