Timeless Treasures Tossed Kokopelli 1 mtr

$27.00 $21.00


Timeless Treasures Tossed Kokopelli 1 mtr

$27.00 $21.00

Tossed Kokopelli by Timeless Treasures
1 metre x 112cm piece

100% Cotton
Perfect for stash-building, quilting, Crafts, apparel and home décor.

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Tossed Kokopelli by Timeless Treasures
This  Native American inspired cotton Fabric designed for Timeless Treasures features handprints, flowers and geometric details. With bold colours that stand out on the black background will go with a arrange of colours. Perfect for home decor accents, clothing and quilting.

112cm wide x 1mtr

This fabric is made from 100% Cotton. It is machine washable and is simple to care for, working well with a variety of projects you may envisage. Get creative and explore your talents by using this product for quilting, sewing, home decor or making gifts to your loved ones.

Care for product:
*Machine cold wash
*No Bleach may be used on this product
*Tumble Dry on low setting

Children Sleepwear: All children’s sleepwear should be chemically treated for flame resistant. This product is not suitable for children’s sleepwear as it is not treated to be flame resistant.

Brand: Timeless Treasures
Country of Origin: Made in the USA or Imported


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